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2015 the 26th MICONEX FAIR

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We attend the 2015 26th MICONEX fair on September 22-25 at the Chongqing International Expo Center.Organized by the China Instrument & Measurement institute. The exhibition start in 1983, MICONEX been successfully held for 25 sessions to build a long-term stable platform for domestic and foreign instrumentation field. GRI Instrument has been participate in this exhibition for several years.
   Our company is one of the leading supplier of domestic gas detector,in this exhibition, We show to our new and old customers of the toxic, flammable gas detector and control systems, and WASP series of single-gas, two gas, four-gas portable gas detector, air box, SF6 + O2 + temperature and humidity 4 in one gas detector and other new products. During the exhibition, attracted a lot of new and old customers at domestic and foreign country came to visit, and communicated with the company's sales and technical departments on future cooperation, also provides many valuable suggestions to us. They have confidence expectations for GRI new products